The Van Rensburgs

The Vans Home & UCT • 12 March 2016

The Van Rensburgs


Wasn’t this shoot yesterday?!

Precious Miss Van made her appearance on 24 February, and what a beauty she is! Audrey Blythe – already the picture of sweetness and grace, the perfect addition to the Van family :)

Any time spent with Jess & Ken is always the biggest treat – like I’ve said before, they really are the most wonderful, ‘real’ people and parents :) It’s so beautiful to see them as a family of four – too too precious :)

We spent a few hours hanging out in their beautiful home, and then went on an adventure around UCT, here are a few favourites :)

The Vans_0001 The Vans_0002 The Vans_0003 The Vans_0004 The Vans_0005 The Vans_0006 The Vans_0007 The Vans_0008 The Vans_0009 The Vans_0010 The Vans_0011 The Vans_0012 The Vans_0013 The Vans_0014 The Vans_0015 The Vans_0016 The Vans_0017 The Vans_0018 The Vans_0019 The Vans_0020 The Vans_0021 The Vans_0022 The Vans_0023 The Vans_0024 The Vans_0025 The Vans_0026 The Vans_0027 The Vans_0028 The Vans_0029 The Vans_0030 The Vans_0031 The Vans_0032 The Vans_0033 The Vans_0034 The Vans_0035 The Vans_0036 The Vans_0037 The Vans_0038 The Vans_0039 The Vans_0040 The Vans_0041 The Vans_0042 The Vans_0043 The Vans_0044


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