The Taylors

Vergenoegd • 17 December 2016

The Taylors


It’s always super special to make pictures with people who are close to our hearts :)
Jess & I studied OT together (crazy times people, crazy crazy times *insert cry-laughing face*).
They now live in Durbs so sadly we don’t get to see them as often, but it’s always the loveliest catch-up when we do :)
They now have two precious littles – Thomas & Zoe, who are just the sweetest kiddos! We went on a grand adventure down a trail, with Tom leading the way, and had MANY giggles, smarties and snuggles :)

the-taylors_0001 the-taylors_0002 the-taylors_0003 the-taylors_0004 the-taylors_0005 the-taylors_0006 the-taylors_0007 the-taylors_0008 the-taylors_0009 the-taylors_0010 the-taylors_0011 the-taylors_0012 the-taylors_0013 the-taylors_0014 the-taylors_0015 the-taylors_0016 the-taylors_0017 the-taylors_0018 The Taylors_0019 The Taylors_0020 The Taylors_0021 The Taylors_0022 The Taylors_0023 The Taylors_0024 The Taylors_0025 The Taylors_0026 The Taylors_0027 The Taylors_0028 The Taylors_0029


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