The Magic Family – Walter, Megs & Stella

Grabouw • 5 April 2014

The Magic Family - Walter, Megs & Stella


There aren’t actually words to describe the precious-ness of these people – I was so excited when Megs contacted me about doing a shoot for her gorgeous little family of 3 :) You may remember her and Wallys faces from this editorial shoot – so I knew from the get-go that there would be some serious loveliness going on! :)

But more than Megs attention to all the little details, more than the fact that little Stella won the genetic lottery (seriously, how gorgeous are these two?!), more than the beauty of the farm we shot on – these two have hearts that are just beautiful. To see how Walter & Megs love each other, and in turn their Mini Magic Girl Stella, is inspirational :) :) And little Stella is actually just beyond words – she is so adorable, I wish photos could capture how soft her skin is or how her sweet little baby-head smells!

We spent the most glorious afternoon traipsing around a beautiful farm to create these images – I had to seriously restrain myself from posting ALL. THE. PHOTOS. ;) Here are just a few favorites :)

Megs & Wally, thank you for entrusting me with capturing photos that will remind you of these beautiful time in your family – you have made my little photographers heart  full :)

So much love


Walter, Megan & Stella_001 Walter, Megan & Stella_002 Walter, Megan & Stella_003 Walter, Megan & Stella_004 Walter, Megan & Stella_005 Walter, Megan & Stella_006 Walter, Megan & Stella_007 Walter, Megan & Stella_008 Walter, Megan & Stella_009 Walter, Megan & Stella_010 Walter, Megan & Stella_011 Walter, Megan & Stella_012 Walter, Megan & Stella_013 Walter, Megan & Stella_014 Walter, Megan & Stella_015 Walter, Megan & Stella_016 Walter, Megan & Stella_017 Walter, Megan & Stella_018 Walter, Megan & Stella_019 Walter, Megan & Stella_020 Walter, Megan & Stella_021 Walter, Megan & Stella_022 Walter, Megan & Stella_023 Walter, Megan & Stella_024 Walter, Megan & Stella_025 Walter, Megan & Stella_026 Walter, Megan & Stella_027 Walter, Megan & Stella_028 Walter, Megan & Stella_029 Walter, Megan & Stella_031 Walter, Megan & Stella_032 Walter, Megan & Stella_033 Walter, Megan & Stella_034 Walter, Megan & Stella_035 Walter, Megan & Stella_036 Walter, Megan & Stella_037 Walter, Megan & Stella_038 Walter, Megan & Stella_039


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  1. Oh good gracious me – these are the most beautiful photos! Every single one had me saying ‘this is my favorite’ – Megs – you are so beautiful inside and out – you sparkle! The way Walter looks at you and Stella is so special – with such love and adoration – and your little Stella Bean – what a happy and beautiful little girl! The three of you together are true magic! The love, beauty, smiles and happiness – it is truly incredible to see! And Tiffs! You have captured these three so gloriously! What a fantastic gift you have for capturing love and light – every image is magical :) these photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure these images are!


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