The Gottschalks

Gottschalk Family Home • 16 November 2019

The Gottschalks


Caits and I met when we studied OT together, and I’m grateful that our paths have continue to cross over the years :)

We photographed their wedding  many moons ago and several incredibly special milestones since then :)

It’s hard to describe in words just how lovely and special this precious family is. I’ve always admired them deeply for the way they’ve chosen to parent there sweet little humans in such a gently, present way. This love is evident in everything they do, and time spent with them always leaves a person feeling deeply encouraged and energised.

I spent the loveliest morning hanging out with them at home, doing what they’d usually get up to on a Saturday morning. It’s funny how sometimes these ordinary moments don’t necessarily feel special at face value, at least not in the way ‘big occasions’ do. But really, these tiny moments make up the fabric of our lives. And I believe when you see them, truly SEE them, you realise just how extraordinary and beautiful they are :)


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