The Fleitmanns

Camps Bay • 18 December 2016

The Fleitmanns


We’ve been super blessed to not only photograph The Fleitmanns more than once, but also to call them friends :)

Megs & Walter are two incredibly special people – we did this beautiful shoot just after their return to SA, when Stella was just a tiny nugget :) It’s crazy to think how quickly the time has FLOWN by! It’s been such a joy watching precious Stella grow up, and now they have Baby Fleitmann #2 on the way! :) These two also just have the loveliest calm, gentle way about them, and the ethos they’re building their family on is beautiful :)

It’s always the loveliest treat to spend time with them – Megs tracked down this beautiful little beach, which was perfect with its golden light and turqoise water :)

Here are a few favourites from our adventure :)


the-fleitmanns_0001 the-fleitmanns_0002 the-fleitmanns_0003 the-fleitmanns_0004 the-fleitmanns_0005 the-fleitmanns_0006 the-fleitmanns_0007 the-fleitmanns_0008 the-fleitmanns_0009 the-fleitmanns_0010 the-fleitmanns_0011 the-fleitmanns_0012 the-fleitmanns_0013 the-fleitmanns_0014 the-fleitmanns_0015 the-fleitmanns_0016 the-fleitmanns_0017 the-fleitmanns_0018 the-fleitmanns_0019 the-fleitmanns_0020 the-fleitmanns_0021  the-fleitmanns_0023 the-fleitmanns_0024 the-fleitmanns_0025 the-fleitmanns_0026 the-fleitmanns_0027 the-fleitmanns_0028 the-fleitmanns_0029 the-fleitmanns_0030


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