The Donkin family

Radloff Park • 22 November 2015

The Donkin family


Shan is one of my very dearest friends :) Her and Allan were living in Canada when little Eben was born, and it’s SUCH a joy to have them back in SA and to get to hang out and do life with her again! :)

It’s been incredible watching Eben grow up – he is now quite the little personality, and I must admit, I am rather stoked that he has taken a shine to ‘Aunty Tiffy’. Coffee and playdates rock!

Shan & Allan are expecting another wee one, as you’ll see, and we had the best time hanging out at Radloff park, along with their doggy Nimbus. There’s nothing quite like adventuring around a park with a little boy and a pup!

Donkins, us Burnhams love you guys very much!

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