The Brauns

Babylonstoren • 28 August 2016

The Brauns


Tam  & Nadim are very dear friends of ours, and I can’t begin to say what an honour it’s been to watch their little family grow, and to see precious Levi change over the past year :)

Last year we did a bump and newborn shoot, and I was super blessed to also get to document this little chap’s first few hours on planet earth :)

We had the most glorious weather for this shoot, and the ever-beautiful Babylonstoren was showing off in a particularly spectacular – blossoms and Spring greenery everywhere. I cannot believe Levi is already a whole year old – he really is the sweetest, most charming little guy, it’s impossible to not adore his wee socks off :) It also doesn’t hurt that he is the most handsome chap – clearly takes after his folks! More than that though, he’s the best of both their natures, and it’s clear to see the joy he’s brought to the Braun household!

Love you guys

(Aunty) Tiffs


The Brauns_0001 The Brauns_0002 The Brauns_0003 The Brauns_0004 The Brauns_0005 The Brauns_0006The Brauns_0007 The Brauns_0008 The Brauns_0009 The Brauns_0010 The Brauns_0011 The Brauns_0012 The Brauns_0013 The Brauns_0014 The Brauns_0015 The Brauns_0017 The Brauns_0018 The Brauns_0019 The Brauns_0020 The Brauns_0021 The Brauns_0022 The Brauns_0023 The Brauns_0024 The Brauns_0025The Brauns_0026 The Brauns_0027 The Brauns_0028 The Brauns_0029 The Brauns_0030 The Brauns_0031 The Brauns_0032 The Brauns_0033 The Brauns_0034 The Brauns_0035 The Brauns_0036 The Brauns_0037 The Brauns_0038 The Brauns_0039 The Brauns_0040 The Brauns_0041 The Brauns_0042 The Brauns_0043 The Brauns_0044 The Brauns_0045


  • Hair & Make-up: Merlene Joy


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  1. Awesome , beautiful photos! Enjoyed viewing them all!


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