Tam, Nadim & Braunling

Babylonstoren • 28 June 2015

Tam, Nadim & Braunling


Tam is one of my absolute dearest friends. And she also happens to be my creative soulmate ;) By the very most wonderful happenstance, we met right at the start of my journey into photography. And she has supported me every step of the way. I mean every step – from comments on every single shoot I’ve done, to styling, to crazy projects we’ve done together, to offering priceless advice, she’s been there. Because that’s who Tam is – the most wonderful, sensitive, intuitive soul, who is the sort of friend that supports you no matter what, and goes out of her way to show her appreciation and love to every person around her. The absolute best Mama-Material :)

Her wonderful hubby Nadim has also put up with many a laughter-hysteria-shrieking session on their lounge couches, with incredibly good grace ;) These two have the most beautiful relationship, so VERY much in love with each other, who make it look effortless and who, really, are the sort of expectant parents who make the rest of us feel like it might be do-able ;)

I was so incredibly honoured to make these pictures with them, and loved every moment of our adventure together! I think you’ll agree with me that they are devastatingly attractive, and that Baby Braunling is going to have a serious genetic jumpstart in life ;) Tam put so much thought into everything she brought along (she always has the most amazing creative vision).


Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0001 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0002 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0003 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0004 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0005 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0006 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0007 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0008 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0009 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0010 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0011 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0012 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0013 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0014 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0015 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0016 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0017 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0018 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0019 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0020 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0021 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0022 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0023 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0024 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0025 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0026 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0027 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0028 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0029 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0030 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0031 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0032 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0033 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0034 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0035 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0036 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0037 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0038 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0039 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0040 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0041 Tam, Nadim & Braunling_0042


  • Florist: Green Goddess - Coral Shortt
  • Hair & Make-up: Merlene Joy
  • Make-up: Nails by Meryl


2 Responses to “Tam, Nadim & Braunling”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Beautiful photos and thanks to the very professional team behind it all.

    So nice to be able to show Baby Braunling, “hes” photos of him in Mums tummy, especially when he is about to beocome a Dad.

    Love you guys to bits

  2. Such a gorgeous family! Lumps in my throat from the first pic… Tam, you are a stunner of a mamma! <3


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