Tam, Levi & Noah | MAMAHOOD SERIES

Braun Family Home • 28 March 2020

Tam, Levi & Noah | MAMAHOOD SERIES


Is this really just 2 weeks ago?

Our world as we know it has changed and will never be the same as it was before. That holds both a lot of fear and also a lot of beauty and potential for better things.

I didn’t know if it would still be ‘right’ to post these pictures, but I wanted to honour my beautiful friend and the way she loves her family.

Tam is truly inspirational as a human being – one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know. And the way she’s raising her boys embodies this fully – with gentleness, instilling empathy, allowing them space to express themselves and to grow into two wonderful men.

I have no doubt that kindness and love are what will keep us all going during these tough times and what lies beyond them.

Tam, you are a beacon of light and love for so many, and I hope you feel as treasured as you are!

Here is a snippet of a lovely afternoon adventure – teatime & poetry followed by a nature walk, two of their favourite things :)


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