Tahlia & Cameron

Buitenverwachting • 2 May 2015

Tahlia & Cameron


One of the absolute coolest parts of our job is getting to photograph weddings for people that we’ve already met :) Beautiful Tahlia was a bridesmaid at Caits & Charlie’s wedding a few years back, and I was so excited when she contacted me to ask me to photograph her and Cam’s wedding :) :)

From start to finish this wedding was absolutely stunning, with so much love and laughter, a few moments that stood out:

– some hilarious laughter whilst the ladies were getting ready, over part of the attire ;)

– Tahlz’ Dad’s face when he saw her, priceless

– how Tahlz & Cam beamed at each other during their ceremony

– more laughter during their family and bridal party photos

– even more laughter during their speeches

– how each and every person in the room clearly loves the socks off these two

– Tahlz and her Dad dancing together

– some wild dance floor moves ;)

Luckily there’s a whole load of pictures to follow that’ll show you what I mean :)

Tahlz & Cam we had the BEST time photographing your wedding celebration, thank you for the honour! :)

Tahlia & Cameron_0001 Tahlia & Cameron_0002 Tahlia & Cameron_0003 Tahlia & Cameron_0004 Tahlia & Cameron_0005 Tahlia & Cameron_0006 Tahlia & Cameron_0007 Tahlia & Cameron_0008 Tahlia & Cameron_0009 Tahlia & Cameron_0010 Tahlia & Cameron_0011 Tahlia & Cameron_0012 Tahlia & Cameron_0013 Tahlia & Cameron_0014 Tahlia & Cameron_0015 Tahlia & Cameron_0016 Tahlia & Cameron_0017 Tahlia & Cameron_0018 Tahlia & Cameron_0019 Tahlia & Cameron_0020 Tahlia & Cameron_0021 Tahlia & Cameron_0022 Tahlia & Cameron_0023 Tahlia & Cameron_0024 Tahlia & Cameron_0025 Tahlia & Cameron_0026 Tahlia & Cameron_0027 Tahlia & Cameron_0028 Tahlia & Cameron_0029 Tahlia & Cameron_0030 Tahlia & Cameron_0031 Tahlia & Cameron_0032 Tahlia & Cameron_0033 Tahlia & Cameron_0034 Tahlia & Cameron_0035 Tahlia & Cameron_0036 Tahlia & Cameron_0037 Tahlia & Cameron_0038 Tahlia & Cameron_0039 Tahlia & Cameron_0040 Tahlia & Cameron_0041 Tahlia & Cameron_0042 Tahlia & Cameron_0043 Tahlia & Cameron_0044 Tahlia & Cameron_0045 Tahlia & Cameron_0046 Tahlia & Cameron_0047 Tahlia & Cameron_0048 Tahlia & Cameron_0049 Tahlia & Cameron_0050 Tahlia & Cameron_0051 Tahlia & Cameron_0052 Tahlia & Cameron_0053 Tahlia & Cameron_0054 Tahlia & Cameron_0055 Tahlia & Cameron_0056 Tahlia & Cameron_0057 Tahlia & Cameron_0058 Tahlia & Cameron_0059 Tahlia & Cameron_0060 Tahlia & Cameron_0061 Tahlia & Cameron_0062 Tahlia & Cameron_0063 Tahlia & Cameron_0064 Tahlia & Cameron_0065 Tahlia & Cameron_0066 Tahlia & Cameron_0067 Tahlia & Cameron_0068 Tahlia & Cameron_0069 Tahlia & Cameron_0070 Tahlia & Cameron_0071 Tahlia & Cameron_0072 Tahlia & Cameron_0073 Tahlia & Cameron_0074 Tahlia & Cameron_0075 Tahlia & Cameron_0076 Tahlia & Cameron_0077 Tahlia & Cameron_0078 Tahlia & Cameron_0079 Tahlia & Cameron_0080 Tahlia & Cameron_0081 Tahlia & Cameron_0082 Tahlia & Cameron_0083 Tahlia & Cameron_0084 Tahlia & Cameron_0085 Tahlia & Cameron_0086 Tahlia & Cameron_0087 Tahlia & Cameron_0088 Tahlia & Cameron_0089 Tahlia & Cameron_0090 Tahlia & Cameron_0091 Tahlia & Cameron_0092 Tahlia & Cameron_0093 Tahlia & Cameron_0094 Tahlia & Cameron_0095 Tahlia & Cameron_0096 Tahlia & Cameron_0097 Tahlia & Cameron_0098 Tahlia & Cameron_0099 Tahlia & Cameron_0100 Tahlia & Cameron_0101 Tahlia & Cameron_0102 Tahlia & Cameron_0103 Tahlia & Cameron_0104 Tahlia & Cameron_0105 Tahlia & Cameron_0106 Tahlia & Cameron_0107 Tahlia & Cameron_0108 Tahlia & Cameron_0109 Tahlia & Cameron_0110 Tahlia & Cameron_0111 Tahlia & Cameron_0112 Tahlia & Cameron_0113 Tahlia & Cameron_0114 Tahlia & Cameron_0115 Tahlia & Cameron_0116 Tahlia & Cameron_0117 Tahlia & Cameron_0118 Tahlia & Cameron_0119 Tahlia & Cameron_0120 Tahlia & Cameron_0121 Tahlia & Cameron_0122 Tahlia & Cameron_0123 Tahlia & Cameron_0124 Tahlia & Cameron_0125 Tahlia & Cameron_0126 Tahlia & Cameron_0127 Tahlia & Cameron_0128 Tahlia & Cameron_0129 Tahlia & Cameron_0130 Tahlia & Cameron_0131 Tahlia & Cameron_0132 Tahlia & Cameron_0133 Tahlia & Cameron_0134 Tahlia & Cameron_0135 Tahlia & Cameron_0136 Tahlia & Cameron_0137Tahlia & Cameron_0138 Tahlia & Cameron_0139 Tahlia & Cameron_0140 Tahlia & Cameron_0141 Tahlia & Cameron_0142 Tahlia & Cameron_0143 Tahlia & Cameron_0144 Tahlia & Cameron_0145 Tahlia & Cameron_0146 Tahlia & Cameron_0147 Tahlia & Cameron_0148 Tahlia & Cameron_0149 Tahlia & Cameron_0150 Tahlia & Cameron_0151 Tahlia & Cameron_0152 Tahlia & Cameron_0153 Tahlia & Cameron_0154 Tahlia & Cameron_0155 Tahlia & Cameron_0156 Tahlia & Cameron_0157 Tahlia & Cameron_0158 Tahlia & Cameron_0159 Tahlia & Cameron_0160 Tahlia & Cameron_0161 Tahlia & Cameron_0162 Tahlia & Cameron_0163 Tahlia & Cameron_0164 Tahlia & Cameron_0165 Tahlia & Cameron_0166 Tahlia & Cameron_0167 Tahlia & Cameron_0168 Tahlia & Cameron_0169 Tahlia & Cameron_0170 Tahlia & Cameron_0171 Tahlia & Cameron_0172 Tahlia & Cameron_0173 Tahlia & Cameron_0174 Tahlia & Cameron_0175 Tahlia & Cameron_0176 Tahlia & Cameron_0177 Tahlia & Cameron_0178 Tahlia & Cameron_0179 Tahlia & Cameron_0180 Tahlia & Cameron_0181 Tahlia & Cameron_0182 Tahlia & Cameron_0183


  • Bridesmaids' Dresses: Elise Ryan
  • Cake: Lynn Mostert
  • Coordinator: Lee at Wild at Heart
  • Decor: Wild at Heart
  • DJ: Cape Town DJ
  • Dress: Bernadette Pimenta Couture
  • Groom's Suit: MJ Bale
  • Hair: Leone Souma
  • Make-up: Merlene Joy
  • Videographer: BMG Cinema


6 Responses to “Tahlia & Cameron”

  1. Tiffany Billimore

    What an incredible trip down memory lane! To relive that wedding over was amazing! Tahls you look sensational in every single photograph and Cam (my brother) you look so handsome, dapper and gorgeous too! I can’t wait to get my hands of a few of my favourites! Well done Tiffany B for capturing these incredibly special moments! Love from Tiffany B! (Billimore – sister of the groom xxx)

  2. David Thompson

    What a wonderful set of photos. We were so disappointed that we could not attend the wedding but these photos exude the fun, joy, happiness and love of the day.
    I could feel the amosphere exploding from ech picture.

  3. Absolutely fantastically amazing pix of the whole day. Cameron and Tahlia, you are such a stunning couple ….. I cried all over again. Tons of love M … & Susie xoxoxox

  4. Thank You Susie for sharing this AMAZING wedding with your friends. I loved the photos and share in the joy of the Happy Couple.
    Congratulations to Cameron and Tahlia and best wishes for a very happy life together.
    Much Love
    Marie and Roger
    x x

  5. lee ann connor

    To you both what wonderful photos it all looked just perfect. What a lovely setting and how happy everyone looked. I heard that your father also became engaged on the night which was lovely for you all. Tahlia you obviously adore your father and he you, such lovely photos of you both. The maids looked gorgeous and such a pretty colour their dresses and guys matching ties.
    Now you are back home here in Melbourne and I am home from Sth America perhaps we can all catch up soon
    Lots of love to you both Lee Ann

  6. Valie and Drummond

    It’s been lovely seeing your wedding day and you both looked SO happy. Also reading Susie’s speech has enabled us to feel more part of it all – I agree with her comments about friends! She’s very special.


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