Sam & Peter in love

Groot Constantia • 26 August 2016

Sam & Peter in love


Sam & Peter are South Africans currently living in Australia, who’ve returned to their beautiful home country for their wedding :)

Peter (as I reckon most gents are) is not a fan of the camera, but was a wonderful sport in the making of these pictures! Though, he has his gorgeous fiancee Sam to smooch, so couldn’t really complain ;)

We spent an awesome couple of hours traipsing around Groot Constantia – dodging spiders, exploring the forest and crawling under vines (that may have been me ;) ). It’s always just the best thing to see two people who fit so incredibly well together – you can’t beat that level of complete ease, that speaks volumes of the love built behind it :)

Guys, we cannot wait for your wedding this weekend!

Here are a few favourites :)

Sam & Peter_0001 Sam & Peter_0002 Sam & Peter_0003 Sam & Peter_0004 Sam & Peter_0005Sam & Peter_0006 Sam & Peter_0007 Sam & Peter_0008 Sam & Peter_0009 Sam & Peter_0010Sam & Peter_0011 Sam & Peter_0012 Sam & Peter_0013 Sam & Peter_0014 Sam & Peter_0015 Sam & Peter_0016 Sam & Peter_0017 Sam & Peter_0018 Sam & Peter_0019 Sam & Peter_0020 Sam & Peter_0021 Sam & Peter_0022 Sam & Peter_0023


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