Reverie Designs

Kirstenbosch • 7 April 2015

Reverie Designs


When Claire was still a student she asked me to photograph some of her pieces for her final year project, and funnily enough, we also shot those pictures at Kirstenbosch :)
It’s always the hugest honour to be asked by a client to work with them again, and even more so when they’re a fellow creative! :
It’s also super awesome to see how both of our businesses have grown in the past few years.
We had the raddest afternoon traipsing around Kirstenbosch with a real ‘crew’ of the loveliest ladies who styled everything to perfection :)
Here’s just a few favorites of the stunning Reverie range.

Reverie_0001 Reverie_0002 Reverie_0003 Reverie_0004 Reverie_0005 Reverie_0006 Reverie_0007 Reverie_0008 Reverie_0009 Reverie_0010 Reverie_0011 Reverie_0012 Reverie_0013 Reverie_0014 Reverie_0015 Reverie_0016 Reverie_0017 Reverie_0018 Reverie_0019 Reverie_0020 Reverie_0021 Reverie_0022 Reverie_0023 Reverie_0024 Reverie_0025 Reverie_0026


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