Paula & Roice in love

Vredehoek & Lions Head • 1 October 2016

Paula & Roice in love


After spending two seconds  with Paula & Roice you just know – these two were made for each other! I adore how they constantly tease each other, are more than up for a crazy adventure and just how full of JOY they are :) My face ached from all the laughing we did on their shoot!

They chose two super-meaningful spots for their shoot – one of their favourite hangouts in their neighborhood, and the spot where Roice proposed. It was so special to document them interacting in spaces that are so special to them :) Roice brought along his Dad’s UBER cool car, which made for the best prop, second only to their gorgeous family pup who made a star appearance (special thanks to Roice’s Mom for being behind-the-scenes dog-wrangler).

Guys, we cannot WAIT for your wedding next month! Here are just a few favourites :)

paula-roice_0001 paula-roice_0002 paula-roice_0003 paula-roice_0004 paula-roice_0005 paula-roice_0006 paula-roice_0007 paula-roice_0008 paula-roice_0009 paula-roice_0010 paula-roice_0011 paula-roice_0012 paula-roice_0013 paula-roice_0014 paula-roice_0015 paula-roice_0016 paula-roice_0017 paula-roice_0018 paula-roice_0019 paula-roice_0020 paula-roice_0021 paula-roice_0022 paula-roice_0023 paula-roice_0024 paula-roice_0025 paula-roice_0026 paula-roice_0027 paula-roice_0028 paula-roice_0029 paula-roice_0030 paula-roice_0031 paula-roice_0032 paula-roice_0033 paula-roice_0034 paula-roice_0035 paula-roice_0036 paula-roice_0037 paula-roice_0038 paula-roice_0039 paula-roice_0040 paula-roice_0041 paula-roice_0042 paula-roice_0043 paula-roice_0044 paula-roice_0045 paula-roice_0046 paula-roice_0047 paula-roice_0048 paula-roice_0049 paula-roice_0050


4 Responses to “Paula & Roice in love”

  1. Walter and Kay Magnus

    Roice and Paula, you look absolutely fantastic. Great pictures. Everything of the best for your future.

  2. Just 2 beautiful kids. Love guys lots. You are both so very special. Hugs

  3. How gorgeous are these two? You captured their fun and joyful love in the most beautiful way <3

  4. Crushing on you guys. So absolutely real and beautiful!


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