Luna Jane Fleitmann

The Fleitmann Home • 18 March 2017

Luna Jane Fleitmann


Ah, this family! I think they hold the record for most-times-in-front-of-the-TiffanyB-lens ;) But more than that, they’ve crept their way into my heart in a way that’s made it swell with joy every time I get to document a happy event in their lives :)

Their precious Baby Moon arrived on 10 March 2017, and I was privileged to be there to document her arrival. Now, we document the joy of weddings, happy occasions and so on, but to witness the arrival of a sweet little human is a next-level experience. Megs & Wallie were INCREDIBLE. Megs with strength & grace, Wallie in his un-tiring support. Birth is something beyond words – it’s to see someone at their most vulnerable but also their most powerful. The absolute euphoria of getting to meet this precious little being is immense!

We took these pictures a week after Luna’s arrival, in the Fleitmann family home – a space filled with grace, unconditional love and warmth. She already has the best big sister in sweet Stella, and as you’ll see from these pictures, a Mama & Papa who love her beyond words :)

Luna Jane Fleitmann_0001 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0002 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0003 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0004 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0005 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0006 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0007 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0008  Luna Jane Fleitmann_0010 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0011 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0012 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0013 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0014 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0015 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0016 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0017 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0018 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0019 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0020 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0021 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0022 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0023 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0024 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0025 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0026 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0027 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0028 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0029 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0030 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0031 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0032 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0033 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0034 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0035 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0036 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0037 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0038 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0039 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0040 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0041 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0042 Luna Jane Fleitmann_0043


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