Lori & Dean in love

Company Gardens & Lions Head • 10 January 2016

Lori & Dean in love


These two deserve major extra points for making a mini-hike part of their shoot ;) Seriously though, the time on this shoot just FLEW by – we were having the best fun chatting, coming up with wild picture ideas and just reveling in the beauty of CT! It’s hard to believe that you can start off in the most awesome urban setting (the Gardens) and then just 10 mins drive away, you have the majestic beauty of the mountains, the ocean and the open skies :)

Lori & Dean are also completely at ease in front of the camera – capable of gorgeous smoulder one minute and then disappearing into a beautiful moment together in the next :) You simply cannot fake the level of total comfort and joy that they share – the fact that they’ve been together for so long I’m sure has something to do with that, but more than that, they are so clearly still wildly in love :)

Lor & Dean, thank you SO much for being such adventurous souls, for showing us your special spot and for jumping into making these pictures together whole-heartedly! We cannot wait for your wedding day :)

Lori & Dean_0001 Lori & Dean_0002 Lori & Dean_0003 Lori & Dean_0004 Lori & Dean_0005 Lori & Dean_0006 Lori & Dean_0007 Lori & Dean_0008 Lori & Dean_0009 Lori & Dean_0010 Lori & Dean_0011 Lori & Dean_0012 Lori & Dean_0013 Lori & Dean_0014 Lori & Dean_0015 Lori & Dean_0016 Lori & Dean_0017 Lori & Dean_0018 Lori & Dean_0019 Lori & Dean_0053 Lori & Dean_0021 Lori & Dean_0022 Lori & Dean_0023 Lori & Dean_0024 Lori & Dean_0025 Lori & Dean_0026 Lori & Dean_0027 Lori & Dean_0028 Lori & Dean_0029 Lori & Dean_0030 Lori & Dean_0031 Lori & Dean_0032 Lori & Dean_0033 Lori & Dean_0034 Lori & Dean_0035 Lori & Dean_0036 Lori & Dean_0037 Lori & Dean_0038 Lori & Dean_0039 Lori & Dean_0040 Lori & Dean_0041 Lori & Dean_0042 Lori & Dean_0043 Lori & Dean_0044 Lori & Dean_0045 Lori & Dean_0046 Lori & Dean_0047 Lori & Dean_0048 Lori & Dean_0049 Lori & Dean_0050 Lori & Dean_0051 Lori & Dean_0052


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  1. Tiff thank you soo much for spending the time with us and not only making this shoot extra special but also so much fun. We couldn’t be happier and thank you for your great work! We can’t wait for the wedding…

  2. Tiffs and Ross! No words to express how amazing you guys are! Thank you so much for making the shoot so easy and so much fun! And for hiking with us ;) 2 months to go, we can’t wait!! xoxo

  3. Such a beautiful shoot with my beautiful cousin and cousin-to-be!


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