Lisa & Greg in love

Newlands • 13 March 2016

Lisa & Greg in love


The first thing we noticed upon walking into Lisa & Greg’s beautiful home was their baby, Hank! :) He is their little furry-love, and it just happened to be his first birthday on the day of this shoot :) We were very grateful that he didn’t mind sharing the limelight a little ;)

In seriousness though, you’ll see from these pictures just how much joy there is between Lisa & Greg, and how their precious little family of 3 loves their life together :) It’s often the most simple things in life that are the most beautiful and happiness-inducing, and the world Lisa & Greg have built together is just that. It’s perfect :)

Guys we cannot wait for your wedding day! :)

Lisa & Greg_0001 Lisa & Greg_0002 Lisa & Greg_0003 Lisa & Greg_0004 Lisa & Greg_0005 Lisa & Greg_0006 Lisa & Greg_0007 Lisa & Greg_0008 Lisa & Greg_0009 Lisa & Greg_0010 Lisa & Greg_0011 Lisa & Greg_0012 Lisa & Greg_0013 Lisa & Greg_0014 Lisa & Greg_0015 Lisa & Greg_0016 Lisa & Greg_0017 Lisa & Greg_0018 Lisa & Greg_0019 Lisa & Greg_0020 Lisa & Greg_0021 Lisa & Greg_0022 Lisa & Greg_0023 Lisa & Greg_0024 Lisa & Greg_0025 Lisa & Greg_0026 Lisa & Greg_0027 Lisa & Greg_0028


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  1. The couple are lovely and these images are beautiful, but I’m sorry, Hank stole the show ;)


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