Life Lately

All over • 20 September 2015

Life Lately


It’s been one heck of a long time since I put up a personal blog post!

When I first started out in the photography world, our entire life got documented on the SLR, but as time’s gone on it somehow ends up feeling like work to pick the thing up when we leave the house…

As a result we’ve ended up being those photographers who don’t take very many pictures outside of work :( Unless we count the old iPhone ;)

I thought I’d write a little ‘light’ post on some things we’ve been up to lately. And yes, these are all phone photos ;) Going to try to do something about that!

Let me know if you’d like to see more of these :)


For a very belated birthday lunch hubs and I paid a visit to Babel at Babylonstoren – always an absolute treat! The garden is gorgeous this time of year with all the blooms on the trees :)

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I’m the hugest fan of how they use seasonal florals and ingredients – these branches of blossoms in lab-ware were stunning.


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Life Lately_0003

The food at Babel is always phenomenal – husband had the lamb shank, ’twas delicious.


Life Lately_0004

My salad was even more yummy than it looked (difficult to believe). One of the best parts of sitting in the restaurant is getting to look at all the various plates of food as they exit the kitchen!


Life Lately_0005

For dessert we split a beetroot donut with shiraz ice cream – sounds incredibly weird, but it was delicious and such a different, unexpected flavour!

Life Lately_0006

Been trying to inject some colour into my life, unfortunately we didn’t take any ‘people’ photos this day as my phone started malfunctioning, so this is the closest to seeing the red lip ;)

Life Lately_0007

It’s actually embarrassing how much we love these two felines. They bring the best energy and joy to our home! *not pictured is Lord Harold the bunny*

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Husband and I have started doing a ‘home-made-junk-food’ Saturday nigh & movie tradition (on the days we’re not shooting weddings). This was homemade nachos, quesadillas and salsa. Pretty awesome.

Life Lately_0009

Long lazy brunches on Sundays have to be one of the best things ever.

Life Lately_0010

With our new mirror I’ve been trying to take some outfit pics. Clearly still need to get the hang of it. And clean that mirror, but hey, our life isn’t Pinterest!

Life Lately_0011

How I feel on a Monday. Difference is I have to go to work but this little miss gets to laze around alllll day!

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She’s pretty good natured, but heaven forbid Mumford take this little ball from her. *growls like rabid leopard*

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The beloved cats knocked my Nespresso milk frother off the counter two weeks ago and it broke *tears*. Nespresso was not very helpful in providing the spare part (ie not at all, apparently repairing them is a ‘safety risk’ ?? As my brother said, coffee>safety). Dear hubs managed to fix it yesterday and I cannot flipping tell you how awesome it is to have frothy coffee again!

Life Lately_0014

Dear husband has also become quite the king of DIY. Seriously. He installed this entire tank system all on his own – it collects rain water which we’ve been using to flush the loos, pretty impressive. He’s also been tending to the garden like a beast – we’ve harvested gooseberries, potatos, an artichoke and various herbs. Feel pretty darn fortunate to have this one!

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Yesterday we paid a visit to the Oranjezicht Market and ohmyword don’t know why we haven’t been before (to its new location at Granger Bay). The previous venue got quite crowded (I’m an old soul when it comes to crowds ie nothankyou), but this spot is amazing. It was such a treat to look at all the interesting things for sale and to try some different foodie things!

Life Lately_0017

A slice of ‘raw pizza’ – absolutely yummy and leaves you feeling good afterwards :)

Life Lately_0018

Vegan lemon curd cheesecake – even the very dubious husband was impressed!

Life Lately_0019

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about almond milk on its own (is it really milk if it didn’t come from a mammary gland?), but this was delicious.

Life Lately_0020

Husband kindly got me these beautiful flowers, which are currently prettifying our home :) Cats have only attacked them a few times ;)

Life Lately_0021

Caturday naps with these two snuggle bunnies are the best :)

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This Saturday night we did fish and chips and watched Modern Family. For me there’s not much better than chilling on our couch and hanging out with my hubby :)

Life Lately_0023

In a dress! (*if you saw me on a weekday in my Crocs-pumps and cargo pants you’d understand this is exciting #worksinagovernmenthospital).

Life Lately_0024

The slightly miserable weather today meant we had to postpone an outdoor family shoot we had planned (the littles wouldn’t have been too happy in the chill) and so we decided to go on a spontaneous lunch date to Vergelegen :) And I didn’t spill anything on my white jeans, achievement!

Life Lately_0025

We got the loveliest table with stunning views.

Life Lately_0026

Husband had a burger, which as you can see he was well-stoked with.

Life Lately_0027

And I had a Caesar salad (although clearly I must have felt more strongly about the wine ;) ).

Life Lately_0028

Husband having fun with the ‘pano’ function ;)

Life Lately_0029

I truly feel very fortunate to get to share the everyday craziness, ups and downs and all the in-between with this man. He drives me insane most, if not all, the time in the best kind of way :)


Life Lately_0031

Love this fool (disclaimer: I asked him to give me a kiss and he first licked my cheek. We’re so good at adult-ing ;) ).

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