Life lately | Greek night, pancakes & slow weekends

Home • 28 September 2015

Life lately | Greek night, pancakes & slow weekends


*sigh* there’s not much better than a weekend of pure chill, is there?

That’s exactly what hubs and I did this past weekend – nothing other than pottering around our home, making delicious food, slothing on the couch watching movies, hanging out with our fur-minions and dreaming up wild plans in between :)

And yes, I do indeed take a lot of photos of food – it’s one of my very favourite things in life ;)

On Friday night we hosted a dinner party with our parentals and some family friends – it was epic. We spent most of the public holiday prepping the food, and whilst I am certainly no Nigella, I’d say we did a darned good job of pulling the lot off! We made a mini-feast of spanakopita, meatballs, chicken skewers, prawns, pita breads and salad. All as traditionally-Greek as possible ;) We even managed to whip up homemade hummus and tzatziki. And then rounded it off with a completely non-Greek dessert of Baileys tiramisu. It was the most fun evening!



Life Lately_0017Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

On Sundays we have a bit of an un-written tradition that we start the day off with either pancakes or waffles. Husband is tradition (aka boring) and goes for plain cinnamon and sugar, whilst I’m a fan of yoghurt and whatever fruit is in season :)

Life Lately_0003 Life Lately_0004 Life Lately_0005 Life Lately_0006 Life Lately_0007 Life Lately_0008

Yoh our cats have a rough life! ;)

Life Lately_0009

Cat-lady problems. When your cats eat your shoelaces. Why even?!

Life Lately_0010

When adult-ing is fun – no one to force you to make your bed ;)

Life Lately_0011

Found this awesome top in the bottom of my cupboard – had forgotten how much I love it! Win. Also, these are the comfiest black pants on the face of the earth. Thank you Woolies. Rose grown by husband

Life Lately_0012 n Life Lately_0013

For lunch we had a super chilled stoep-hangout with these babies. And homemade BBQ sauce, because apparently we expended all our culinary domesticity in one weekend ;)

Life Lately_0014 Life Lately_0015

The feline kids – cute and they know it!

Life Lately_0016


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