Kristin & Dale

Babylonstoren • 4 December 2016

Kristin & Dale


It’s such an over-used cliche, but MAN the last year has flown by! It feels like just yesterday that Kristin & Dale got married, and here we are, already one year later!

For us, it’s always the hugest honour to get invited back into our couples’ lives to document new milestones :) And we know from previous experience that a couple hours spent with these two result in face-ache from all the laughing and smiling that goes down ;)

There’s something really special about photographing a married couple – the level of total ease, inevitable teasing, love that’s weathered a few storms. That’s pretty darn special :)

Krist and Dale, we hope that the next year holds more love, laughter and joy than you can even imagine :) Here are a few favourites from the happiest (& windiest) Babylonstoren adventure!

kristin-dale_0001 kristin-dale_0002 kristin-dale_0003 kristin-dale_0004 kristin-dale_0005 kristin-dale_0006 kristin-dale_0007 kristin-dale_0008 kristin-dale_0009 kristin-dale_0010 kristin-dale_0011 kristin-dale_0012 kristin-dale_0013 kristin-dale_0014 kristin-dale_0015 kristin-dale_0016 kristin-dale_0017 kristin-dale_0018 kristin-dale_0019 kristin-dale_0020 kristin-dale_0021 kristin-dale_0022 kristin-dale_0023 kristin-dale_0024 kristin-dale_0025 kristin-dale_0026 kristin-dale_0027 kristin-dale_0028 kristin-dale_0029 kristin-dale_0030 kristin-dale_0031 kristin-dale_0032 kristin-dale_0033 kristin-dale_0034 kristin-dale_0035 kristin-dale_0036 kristin-dale_0037 kristin-dale_0038 kristin-dale_0039 kristin-dale_0040


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  1. Wow! These images are absolutely beautiful. Stunning couple and perfectly captured by you Tiffs! Love the combination of intimate, loving, fun and happy moments you captured between these two stunners :) wow!


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