Kim & James in love

Glen Forest & Bakhoven • 8 December 2015

Kim & James in love


It is always pretty much the coolest thing when people are EXACTLY who one expected they would be, based on the email conversations you’ve had :)

Kim & I have been emailing back and forth for more than a few months now (her and James are based in the UK) and when they climbed out of their car, we completely hit it off :)

They were quite nervous about being in front of the camera (most people are!) but man, I think you’ll agree that these two are just pure magic together :)

We had the best evening hanging out, sharing laughs, and making these awesome pictures in some pretty spectacular light!

Here are some favourites :)

Kim & James_0001 Kim & James_0002 Kim & James_0003 Kim & James_0004 Kim & James_0005 Kim & James_0006 Kim & James_0007 Kim & James_0008 Kim & James_0009 Kim & James_0010 Kim & James_0011 Kim & James_0012 Kim & James_0013 Kim & James_0014 Kim & James_0015 Kim & James_0016 Kim & James_0017 Kim & James_0018 Kim & James_0019 Kim & James_0020 Kim & James_0021 Kim & James_0022 Kim & James_0023 Kim & James_0024 Kim & James_0025 Kim & James_0026 Kim & James_0027 Kim & James_0028 Kim & James_0029 Kim & James_0030


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