Katie & Graeme in love

Waterfront & NSRI Base • 2 April 2017

Katie & Graeme in love


Sunrise is a magical time of day, especially in Cape Town :) Well-worth dragging oneself out of bed for, particularly for the lack of crowds and for the magical light that dawn brings :)

The Waterfront was such a beautiful location to use, and particularly special as G volunteers for NSRI, and has for many years.  This is where is his base is now, and that gave us access to use for some of the shots, super special! :)

Within 2 minutes of meeting these lovely souls, you can tell how they are people’s people – the way they speak fondly of each other and all their loved ones is quite something! Their playfulness with each other is also so sweet to witness – I maintain that laughter is one of the essentials in life, and they have that totally down :)

We spent a glorious couple of hours at dawn walking the waterfront and shooting these pictures :) Here are a few favorites that hopefully capture the fun we had :)

Katie & G, we cannot wait for your winter wedding!

Katie & Graeme_0001 Katie & Graeme_0002 Katie & Graeme_0003 Katie & Graeme_0004 Katie & Graeme_0005 Katie & Graeme_0006 Katie & Graeme_0007 Katie & Graeme_0008 Katie & Graeme_0009 Katie & Graeme_0010 Katie & Graeme_0011 Katie & Graeme_0012 Katie & Graeme_0013 Katie & Graeme_0014 Katie & Graeme_0015 Katie & Graeme_0016 Katie & Graeme_0017 Katie & Graeme_0018 Katie & Graeme_0019 Katie & Graeme_0020 Katie & Graeme_0021 Katie & Graeme_0022 Katie & Graeme_0023 Katie & Graeme_0024 Katie & Graeme_0025 Katie & Graeme_0026 Katie & Graeme_0027 Katie & Graeme_0028 Katie & Graeme_0029 Katie & Graeme_0030 Katie & Graeme_0031 Katie & Graeme_0033 Katie & Graeme_0034 Katie & Graeme_0035 Katie & Graeme_0036


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