Katie, Gil & the bump

Modrau Home & Strand Beach • 21 November 2015

Katie, Gil & the bump


It’s always totally awesome to get to photograph subsequent chapters to the wedding stories we get to tell :)

It’s even more special when those couples are dear friends of ours too :)

You may remember Katie & Gil’s beautiful wedding? Well, now they’re expecting a little girl to add to their joy :)

I spent the loveliest couple of hours hanging out with them in their stunning new home, and then taking a quick walk on the beach, all in all the perfect way to document them as they are :)

Friends, cannot wait to meet your little princess! :)

Love you tons


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  1. Oh gosh tiffs. These are absolutely gorgeous. And so us. Thank you ❤❤

  2. Congrats to you both. @Gilly – Well done cuz – and thanks for posting this up Tiffany.


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