Jo-Dee & Nico

Overgaauw • 9 March 2019

Jo-Dee & Nico


It was a huge honour and joy to pop out of wedding photography retirement to document this joyous celebration!

After their stunning sunrise engagement shoot last year (on the exact same date), we knew that their wedding day would hold a wild amount of happiness. And boy, did it not disappoint!

I think you’d struggle to find a more exuberant bunch of people – each guest and family member clearly loves Jo-Dee & Nico (and their precious Maddie) beyond measure. This was clear in each detail of the day, each tear shed, each heartfelt hug and the beautiful love that interweaves each relationship they have.

And as for the two of them, well, I hope these pictures will show that their love story is truly something exceptional. Adoration like this is not the easiest thing to find, nor cultivate, but it’s obvious that their love is one that will stand the test of time and grow only deeper.




  • Cake: Shake & Bake
  • Coordinator: Megan Fleitmann - Mr and Mrs in Love
  • DJ: Baha Entertainment (Dirk Hanekom)
  • Florist: Paramithi Flowers
  • Hair & Make-up: Polished Artistry (Kendra Whelan)
  • Rentals: Goeters
  • Stationery: Paulina De Souza
  • Videographer: Aletta Francina


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