Jess, Kenny & James

Home & Newlands Forest • 26 October 2014

Jess, Kenny & James


Jess & Kenny are friends-of-friends who we’re blessed to see at almost all the weddings we shoot – I feel like we now get to call them our friends too ;)
I’ve been hearing of all the excited preparations for baby James and it was so awesome to finally meet the precious little one and to see the absolutely beautiful nursery that Jess & Kenny put together for him :)
Every little item in it is a labour of love done by Jess or something made/gifted by a talented loved one :) Jess’s mom crocheted the most beautiful blankies AND the awesome green dinosaur you’ll see :) Jess painted the most amazing fox mural onto one of Kenny’s old car hoods and it looks totally awesome hanging on the wall!
More than all of this loveliness though, is to see what an absolutely stunning little family these 3 make – Ken’s clear adoration for Jess and their precious boy just filled my heart so much :) They are also the most awesome, completely chilled parents – the sort that seem to just ‘fit’ into parenthood with ease but also completely honest about the bumps along the way :)
Guys, it was SUCH an honour to document this exciting new chapter in your lives, and to go along on James first real non-business outing ;)
Here are just a few favorites of many :)

Jess, Kenny & James_001 Jess, Kenny & James_002 Jess, Kenny & James_003 Jess, Kenny & James_004 Jess, Kenny & James_005 Jess, Kenny & James_006 Jess, Kenny & James_007 Jess, Kenny & James_008 Jess, Kenny & James_009 Jess, Kenny & James_010 Jess, Kenny & James_011 Jess, Kenny & James_012 Jess, Kenny & James_013 Jess, Kenny & James_014 Jess, Kenny & James_015 Jess, Kenny & James_016 Jess, Kenny & James_017 Jess, Kenny & James_018 Jess, Kenny & James_019 Jess, Kenny & James_020 Jess, Kenny & James_021 Jess, Kenny & James_022 Jess, Kenny & James_023 Jess, Kenny & James_024 Jess, Kenny & James_025 Jess, Kenny & James_026 Jess, Kenny & James_027 Jess, Kenny & James_028 Jess, Kenny & James_029 Jess, Kenny & James_030 Jess, Kenny & James_031 Jess, Kenny & James_032 Jess, Kenny & James_033 Jess, Kenny & James_034 Jess, Kenny & James_035 Jess, Kenny & James_036 Jess, Kenny & James_037 Jess, Kenny & James_038 Jess, Kenny & James_039 Jess, Kenny & James_040 Jess, Kenny & James_041 Jess, Kenny & James_042 Jess, Kenny & James_043 Jess, Kenny & James_044 Jess, Kenny & James_045 Jess, Kenny & James_046 Jess, Kenny & James_047


3 Responses to “Jess, Kenny & James”

  1. Good gracious these photos are magical :) and they make my heart so, so happy! So many favorites here. Jess and Ken I am so excited for you both and already so in love with Baby James! Everything Tiffs said is absolute truth – your relaxed approach to parenting is inspiring :) so honored to be able to watch your beautiful family grow and see your marriage blossom :) Tiffs – the way you have captured this new adventure is beautiful – the perfect balance of celebration, excitement, tenderness and magic :) your talent inspires me! Fantastic photos :)

  2. simply beautiful rendition of James’ introduction to his family and surroundings.

  3. Lovely photo’s! What a precious little family xx


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