Jaclyn & Michael in love

Kalk Bay • 6 March 2016

Jaclyn & Michael in love


When Jaclyn first contacted me she told me a bit about the wedding she & Michael have planned, I was beyond excited :) Seriously, watch this space! Jacs is also one of those lovely individuals who is the exact same over email as she is in ‘real life’.  Having met Michael now too I can say they are both just wonderful, genuine people – we had the best time hanging out with them and making these pictures together!

By the end of their shoot my face actually hurt from all the smiling and laughing. We had a few unexpected twists like the howling wind, a smidge of rain, and a rat mishap, but that’s what makes for good stories, right?

Guys, we honestly cannot wait for your wedding day! :) Until then, here are just a few of many favourites – you guys smoulder together :)

Jaclyn & Michael_0001 Jaclyn & Michael_0002 Jaclyn & Michael_0003 Jaclyn & Michael_0004 Jaclyn & Michael_0005 Jaclyn & Michael_0006 Jaclyn & Michael_0007 Jaclyn & Michael_0008 Jaclyn & Michael_0009 Jaclyn & Michael_0010 Jaclyn & Michael_0011 Jaclyn & Michael_0012 Jaclyn & Michael_0013 Jaclyn & Michael_0014 Jaclyn & Michael_0015 Jaclyn & Michael_0016 Jaclyn & Michael_0017 Jaclyn & Michael_0018 Jaclyn & Michael_0019 Jaclyn & Michael_0020 Jaclyn & Michael_0021 Jaclyn & Michael_0022 Jaclyn & Michael_0023 Jaclyn & Michael_0024 Jaclyn & Michael_0025 Jaclyn & Michael_0026 Jaclyn & Michael_0027 Jaclyn & Michael_0028 Jaclyn & Michael_0029 Jaclyn & Michael_0030 Jaclyn & Michael_0031 Jaclyn & Michael_0032 Jaclyn & Michael_0033 Jaclyn & Michael_0034 Jaclyn & Michael_0035 Jaclyn & Michael_0036 Jaclyn & Michael_0037 Jaclyn & Michael_0038 Jaclyn & Michael_0039


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  1. Amazing pics guys. Love it. Cant wait for the wedding. Lotsa Love :D

  2. The way you have captured the colour and light in these images in beautiful. I especially love the ice-cream shot and the sultry and very romantic kissing pics are just magical :) (nothing like some salty, wind-swept kisses with the one you adore)! Love!


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