Chantél and Bart in love

Babylonstoren • 2 May 2016

Chantél and Bart in love


Ever since Chantél and Bart enquired with me I’ve been so excited to meet them! It was so wonderful to hang out in person after all the excited emails we’ve exchanged.

We spent a glorious few hours traipsing around Babylonstoren (which is beautiful year-round, but man Autumn is magical!) and making these pictures :)

You’ll notice their awesome invitations – made by the two of them! Chantél is a super-talented graphic designer, and you can see how much love and thought went into each piece. We can’t wait to see the details on their wedding day!

More than any of that though, these two just delight in each other. Their love is quiet, gentle and beautiful to behold.

Lovelies, we cannot wait for your wedding day!

Chantél & Bart_0001 Chantél & Bart_0002 Chantél & Bart_0003 Chantél & Bart_0004 Chantél & Bart_0005 Chantél & Bart_0006 Chantél & Bart_0007 Chantél & Bart_0008 Chantél & Bart_0009 Chantél & Bart_0010 Chantél & Bart_0011 Chantél & Bart_0012 Chantél & Bart_0013 Chantél & Bart_0014 Chantél & Bart_0015 Chantél & Bart_0016 Chantél & Bart_0017 Chantél & Bart_0018 Chantél & Bart_0019 Chantél & Bart_0020 Chantél & Bart_0021 Chantél & Bart_0022 Chantél & Bart_0023 Chantél & Bart_0024 Chantél & Bart_0025 Chantél & Bart_0026 Chantél & Bart_0027 Chantél & Bart_0028 Chantél & Bart_0029 Chantél & Bart_0030 Chantél & Bart_0031 Chantél & Bart_0032 Chantél & Bart_0033 Chantél & Bart_0034 Chantél & Bart_0035 Chantél & Bart_0036 Chantél & Bart_0037 Chantél & Bart_0038 Chantél & Bart_0039 Chantél & Bart_0040 Chantél & Bart_0041 Chantél & Bart_0042 Chantél & Bart_0043 Chantél & Bart_0044 Chantél & Bart_0045 Chantél & Bart_0046 Chantél & Bart_0047


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  1. The way you capture the glow of love and joy these two feel is so beautiful. Its hard to put into words- you have managed to photograph something so indescribable, but so magical!


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