Carla & Clint

Somerset West • 18 August 2019

Carla & Clint


Carla and I used to work together and it was always such a delight bumping into her in the corridors of the hospital :) Bubbly, genuinely interested in humans and just a lovely presence in a place that deals with some pretty hectic stuff.

She always told me she wanted me to take her bump pictures and I’m SO excited we finally got to do this! She is going to be the most wonderful Mommy and it was so special to meet her hubby Clint and mosey around these beautiful gardens making pictures :)

There’s nothing quite like that pre-baby bubble of wonder and bliss – dreaming of what your baba is going to be like, feeling all those tumbles and kicks in your tummy, growing a tiny human right under your heart. It’s just beautiful.

Carla & Clint, your love for each other is a joy to see, and your precious Coco Chanel bump is going to be SO blessed by your love story that’s set the foundation for the new chapter that this sweet soul is going to bring you :)


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