Carissa & Duane in love

Bryanston, JHB • 18 July 2015

Carissa & Duane in love


Carissa is basically my sister – we’re technically ‘second cousins once removed’ (as we LOVED telling people growing up) but really, we’re more than that. It’s one of those relationships where it doesn’t matter how much time and ‘life’ has passed, what we have is always the same.

So you’ll imagine, to see her this happy is enough to make my little heart burst. The past year has not been an easy one for her and Duane, but they’ve emerged from it stronger than ever before, and when they’re together it’s honestly clear that there’s nowhere else they’d fit better! It’s been an absolute honour to see the behind-the-scenes of their lives, and the journey they’ve taken to get to where they’re at :) :)

Life, it’s beautiful. These two are proof that love is worth fighting for, and when you find it, man, there’s nothing better.

Love you guys so much





Carissa & Duane_0001 Carissa & Duane_0002 Carissa & Duane_0003 Carissa & Duane_0004 Carissa & Duane_0005 Carissa & Duane_0006 Carissa & Duane_0007 Carissa & Duane_0008 Carissa & Duane_0009 Carissa & Duane_0010 Carissa & Duane_0011 Carissa & Duane_0012 Carissa & Duane_0013 Carissa & Duane_0014 Carissa & Duane_0015 Carissa & Duane_0016 Carissa & Duane_0017 Carissa & Duane_0018 Carissa & Duane_0019 Carissa & Duane_0020 Carissa & Duane_0021 Carissa & Duane_0022 Carissa & Duane_0023 Carissa & Duane_0024 Carissa & Duane_0025 Carissa & Duane_0026 Carissa & Duane_0027 Carissa & Duane_0028 Carissa & Duane_0029 Carissa & Duane_0030 Carissa & Duane_0031 Carissa & Duane_0032 Carissa & Duane_0033 Carissa & Duane_0034 Carissa & Duane_0035 Carissa & Duane_0036 Carissa & Duane_0037 Carissa & Duane_0038 Carissa & Duane_0039 Carissa & Duane_0040 Carissa & Duane_0041


2 Responses to “Carissa & Duane in love”

  1. Absolutely stunning photos!

  2. How lovely these memories are. Shows a side of Carissa that has not often been seen by me…. Here she smiles and shows emotions that light up Duane’s heart face and life. That is special…..and I think likewise he brings out the very best I. Her. As photographer. You have the touch. Congratulations.


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