Candice & Nicholas in love

Private farm in Elgin • 15 October 2016

Candice & Nicholas in love


It may sound nuts, but getting up at sunrise to document a couple in love must actually just be one of the BEST experiences :)

There’s something incredibly magical about watching the sun come up and see the world awake. If that happens to be on an apple farm with a gorgeous mountain range backdrop, and a mist-covered lake, well then, that’s the jackpot. Throw one beautiful couple into the mix, who are even more beautifully in love, and then you have perfection :) That, and a photographer who’s rendered speechless from brain-overload as a result of 1 million ideas running through her head!

Cands and Nick are just beyond stunning together – the way they love each other, laugh, tease and the joy with which they approach life is so very beautiful! :)

We had the best fun running around their friend’s family farm, making use of all the pretty spots to land these pictures – here are just a few :)

candice-nicholas_0001 candice-nicholas_0002 candice-nicholas_0003 candice-nicholas_0004 candice-nicholas_0005 candice-nicholas_0006 candice-nicholas_0007 candice-nicholas_0008 candice-nicholas_0009 candice-nicholas_0010 candice-nicholas_0011 candice-nicholas_0012 candice-nicholas_0013 candice-nicholas_0014 candice-nicholas_0015 candice-nicholas_0016 candice-nicholas_0017 candice-nicholas_0018 candice-nicholas_0019 candice-nicholas_0020 candice-nicholas_0021 candice-nicholas_0022 candice-nicholas_0023 candice-nicholas_0024 candice-nicholas_0025 candice-nicholas_0026 candice-nicholas_0027 candice-nicholas_0028 candice-nicholas_0029 candice-nicholas_0030 candice-nicholas_0031 candice-nicholas_0032 candice-nicholas_0033 candice-nicholas_0034 candice-nicholas_0035 candice-nicholas_0036 candice-nicholas_0037 candice-nicholas_0038 candice-nicholas_0039 candice-nicholas_0040 candice-nicholas_0041 candice-nicholas_0042 candice-nicholas_0042 candice-nicholas_0044 candice-nicholas_0045 candice-nicholas_0046 candice-nicholas_0047 candice-nicholas_0049 candice-nicholas_0050 candice-nicholas_0051  candice-nicholas_0053 candice-nicholas_0054 candice-nicholas_0055 candice-nicholas_0056 candice-nicholas_0043


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