Caitlyn & Charlie

The Range, Tokai • 12 September 2012

Caitlyn & Charlie


I don’t know where to start to explain just how profoundly special this day was. I guess I’ll start with the weather. Remember Caits and Charlie’s e-shoot back in June? Like, winter June where we had a gorgeous sunny day? You’d think September would be a safer bet. And yet, September 23 dawned as a very wet and rainy day. I was worried everyone would be stressed and disappointed, but when I arrived with Caits where she was getting ready, she was the epitome of calm. Like radiantly, beautifully, ready-to-marry-the-love-of-my-life calm. And that defined the day.


Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, with the rain storming against the windows of the log cabin, Caits & Charlie promised to love each other, promised to create a life of happiness & as we watched them gaze into each other’s eyes, it was like there was no one else in the room. Seriously, the connection these two share is so beautiful – when you look at them together they move as one, instinctively, so attuned to the presence of the other. It’s clear that part of each of them resides deep beneath the skin of the other, and wow I feel privileged to have been tasked with capturing that :)


Dearest Caits & Charlie, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for choosing me to photograph your wedding – such a beautiful, sacred occasion filled with happiness, hope and more love than I can explain. Your love makes me believe in the good in life, in fairytales & in happily-ever-after :)


Much love


Caitlyn & Charlie_001 Caitlyn & Charlie_002 Caitlyn & Charlie_003 Caitlyn & Charlie_004 Caitlyn & Charlie_005 Caitlyn & Charlie_006 Caitlyn & Charlie_007 Caitlyn & Charlie_008 Caitlyn & Charlie_009 Caitlyn & Charlie_010 Caitlyn & Charlie_011 Caitlyn & Charlie_012 Caitlyn & Charlie_013 Caitlyn & Charlie_014 Caitlyn & Charlie_016 Caitlyn & Charlie_017 Caitlyn & Charlie_018 Caitlyn & Charlie_019 Caitlyn & Charlie_020 Caitlyn & Charlie_021 Caitlyn & Charlie_022 Caitlyn & Charlie_023 Caitlyn & Charlie_024 Caitlyn & Charlie_025 Caitlyn & Charlie_026 Caitlyn & Charlie_027 Caitlyn & Charlie_028 Caitlyn & Charlie_029 Caitlyn & Charlie_030 Caitlyn & Charlie_031 Caitlyn & Charlie_032 Caitlyn & Charlie_033 Caitlyn & Charlie_034 Caitlyn & Charlie_035 Caitlyn & Charlie_036 Caitlyn & Charlie_037 Caitlyn & Charlie_038 Caitlyn & Charlie_039 Caitlyn & Charlie_040 Caitlyn & Charlie_041 Caitlyn & Charlie_042 Caitlyn & Charlie_043 Caitlyn & Charlie_044 Caitlyn & Charlie_045 Caitlyn & Charlie_046 Caitlyn & Charlie_047 Caitlyn & Charlie_048 Caitlyn & Charlie_049 Caitlyn & Charlie_050 Caitlyn & Charlie_051 Caitlyn & Charlie_052 Caitlyn & Charlie_053 Caitlyn & Charlie_054 Caitlyn & Charlie_055 Caitlyn & Charlie_057 Caitlyn & Charlie_058 Caitlyn & Charlie_060 Caitlyn & Charlie_061 Caitlyn & Charlie_062 Caitlyn & Charlie_064 Caitlyn & Charlie_065 Caitlyn & Charlie_067 Caitlyn & Charlie_068 Caitlyn & Charlie_069 Caitlyn & Charlie_070 Caitlyn & Charlie_071 Caitlyn & Charlie_072 Caitlyn & Charlie_073 Caitlyn & Charlie_074 Caitlyn & Charlie_075 Caitlyn & Charlie_076 Caitlyn & Charlie_077 Caitlyn & Charlie_078 Caitlyn & Charlie_079 Caitlyn & Charlie_080 Caitlyn & Charlie_081 Caitlyn & Charlie_082 Caitlyn & Charlie_083


  • Bridesmaids' Dresses: Monsoon
  • Cake: Cakes by Wade
  • Decor: 4 EveryEvent
  • DJ: John Oosthuizen
  • Dress: Viola Chan
  • Florist: Little Denmark
  • Groom's Suit: Woolworths
  • Hair: Francis
  • Make-up: Saskia Buxton from MAC
  • Photographer's Assistant: The ever-awesome Ross Burnham :)
  • Shoes: Coast & Koi
  • Videographer: Nicky Flebert from Mercury Productions


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