Caitlyn & Charlie in love

UCT & Bakhoven beach • 11 June 2012

Caitlyn & Charlie in love


Caitlyn & I met when we studied together at university – I remember her always standing out for her bubbly personality and gracefulness :) Caits & Charlie crossed paths in 2008 and have been inseparable ever since. I can say, with complete honesty that after spending 2 hours with these two lovely people, I have seldom seen a better ‘fit’ :) Charlie dotes on her – is sweet and teasing, rather a lot naughty but also incredibly tender. And Caits in return appears to just melt into his arms – literally and figuratively. You can tell when people have a complete, unwavering trust in one another and it is a beauty and privilege to witness :)

We spent a beautiful winter afternoon wandering around UCT and then Bakhoven beach, and as you’ll see there were many many giggles ;) Oh and kisses, lots of those too :)

Caits & Charlie, thank you SO much for the honor of choosing me to photograph your love – cannot wait for your wedding in September :) xx

Caits & Charlie_001 Caits & Charlie_002 Caits & Charlie_003 Caits & Charlie_004 Caits & Charlie_005 Caits & Charlie_006 Caits & Charlie_007 Caits & Charlie_008 Caits & Charlie_009 Caits & Charlie_010 Caits & Charlie_011 Caits & Charlie_012 Caits & Charlie_013 Caits & Charlie_014 Caits & Charlie_015 Caits & Charlie_016 Caits & Charlie_017 Caits & Charlie_018 Caits & Charlie_019 Caits & Charlie_021 Caits & Charlie_022 Caits & Charlie_023 Caits & Charlie_024 Caits & Charlie_025 Caits & Charlie_026 Caits & Charlie_027


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