Bosch Family

Kirstenbosch • 20 December 2019

Bosch Family


If everyone’s families are similar to mine, having everyone together tends to be joyful chaos! All the best memories seem to be made that way, right? Also, if anyone’s family is like mine, trying to get a group photo at home together is like herding cats – no one seems interested and it usually ends with maaaaybe one picture that’s vaguely useable.

I’ve been loving extended family shoots and that people are creating an opportunity to document some memories together with their loved ones :) Especially for kiddos, I think there’s little more special that poring over albums and pictures, seeing all the happy times the family has shared together.

It was so lovely to have a Kirstenbosch adventure with the wonderful Bosch family, who were all so game for some fun :) So special to see the love they share – many laughs were had! And yes, those are two gorgeous little twins you see – Gemma & Alice and their older brother Harry were absolute troopers :)


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