Berlin, Germany • 5 June 2017



Hubby and I were super fortunate to get to spent a few weeks in Europe last month – such an awesome adventure to go on together! :)

Our first leg of the trip was spent in Berlin, where we got to hang out with our awesome friends, Greg & Kati. We spent 3 incredible days exploring the best Berlin has to offer, laughing our faces off and eating way too much delicious food :)

*you’ll notice the pictures from our trip look slightly different to our ‘standard’ edit. Reason being, we decided we didn’t want to lug all our heaviest gear around with us, instead we purchased a Fujifilm xt20 and it was so nice to be able to pop such a small, powerful camera in our bag and take that around instead! :)

We had a sort of stop-over in Dusseldorf en route, and spent a couple of hours walking around the park next to our hotel :) Hot husband alert!

Berlin_0001 Berlin_0002

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is awesome, so well-organized

Berlin_0003 Berlin_0004 Berlin_0005

We went for lunch to this awesome Middle Eastern spot, and MAN this platter was delicious – we inhaled it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Berlin_0007 Berlin_0008 Berlin_0009 Berlin_0010

The view from the roof of our Airbnb

Berlin_0011 Berlin_0012 Berlin_0013 Berlin_0014 Berlin_0015 Berlin_0016 Berlin_0017 Berlin_0018 Berlin_0019 Berlin_0020 Berlin_0021

East Side Galleries with some home truths!

Berlin_0022 Berlin_0023 Berlin_0024 Berlin_0025 Berlin_0026 Berlin_0027 Berlin_0028 Berlin_0029 Berlin_0030 Berlin_0031 Berlin_0032 Berlin_0033

Coolest vibe – sun shining, musicians playing

Berlin_0034 Berlin_0035 Berlin_0036 Berlin_0037 Berlin_0038 Berlin_0039 Berlin_0040 Berlin_0041

So Berlin – crazy graffiti and then beautiful flowers together with epic architecture


This is the sort of spectacular stuff you see!

Berlin_0043 Berlin_0044

We went to this super-cool market and filled our faces with delicious foccacia and other treats :)


Coming home to this cozy spot every day was just lovely


The lovely Kati! Love this one :)


‘We don’t like photos.’

Berlin_0057 Berlin_0058 Berlin_0059 Berlin_0060 Berlin_0061 Berlin_0062

Memorial to the Murdered Jews. What an eerie, thought-provoking spot.

Berlin_0063 Berlin_0064 Berlin_0065 Berlin_0066 Berlin_0067 Berlin_0068

Thanks for the picture Gregls!


Most delicious food at this Vietnamese spot, and the most spectacular decor!


This is where all the cool kids hang out!


Like I said, we ate a lot ;)

Berlin_0096 Berlin_0097 Berlin_0098 Berlin_0099 Berlin_0100 Berlin_0101 Berlin_0102 Berlin_0103

Legendary German bread


Raddest little leather shop


Stalked this dog, just a little


The only cat we saw in Berlin. It was most unimpressed with the raven harassing it, shame


It wouldn’t be a trip to Berlin without visiting a museum – this was harrowing but so well put-together. It’s astounding what humans do to each other…


Kati made us a traditional white asparagus dinner – YUM


And then the next morning I assisted Gregls with making Greg-fast ;)

Berlin_0136 Berlin_0137 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Berlin_0139 Berlin_0140 Berlin_0141 Berlin_0142 Berlin_0143

How we all felt to be leaving Berlin, and each other. Thanks for the epic adventure, dear friends!



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