Ashley & Greg in love

Erinvale Golf Estate • 20 February 2016

Ashley & Greg in love


Ash & Greg have been together for years – they met in high school and have shared a lifetime of adventures. It shows :)

They also happen to be incredible people – after 5 mins hanging out we were laughing until our stomachs hurt, always the best thing :)

We spent the loveliest couple of hours ambling around the beautiful Erinvale Estate – you’ll see we had some epic dramatic weather, which I think was showing off for these lovely two!

Their precious daughter Bella joined us for the last few minutes of the shoot – isn’t she the cutest little thing ever?


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3 Responses to “Ashley & Greg in love”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone one of them!! Thank you Tiffs & Ross xx

  2. Love it such beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple… my favourite niece and an amazing handsome family (Greg).

  3. Caroline Du Toit

    Absolutely beautiful you captured their beauty inside and out. Very proud mommy.


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