Amsterdam, Netherlands • 7 June 2017



Next up was Amsterdam! We had decided exciting journey there, having to make 5 connections (one of which was a bus!) – luckily things went off without a hitch and we made it there in one piece :)

Amsterdam kind of surprised us – I expected to enjoy it, but it ended up being the favorite of the trip! :) Something about the vibe is very similar to Cape Town, and the Dutch people are super friendly and welcoming :) The city itself is also super small, so easy to walk around and explore – so many charming corners, lovely little shops (damn the Euro!) and awesome food :)

We had been quite keen on the idea of renting bikes, until we realized that you need to be next-level skilled to not get killed by the cyclists, let alone if you were on a bike yourself! Maybe next time ;)



Centraal station is beautiful

Amsterdam_0002 Amsterdam_0003

We stayed in the most awesome Airbnb spot in De Pijp, which really felt like a home away from home! Our hosts happen to be visiting SA whilst we were there, so it was so cool to each share tips on our favorite spots and things to do :)

Amsterdam_0004 Amsterdam_0005 Amsterdam_0006 Amsterdam_0007 Amsterdam_0008

Our first port of call was Pancakes Amsterdam – yummy

Amsterdam_0009 Amsterdam_0010 Amsterdam_0011 Amsterdam_0012

These beautiful coral peonies were everywhere


So many pedestrians and cyclists!


Cats everywhere. I love seeing cats around

Amsterdam_0015 Amsterdam_0016 Amsterdam_0017 Amsterdam_0018

Making supper at home – was so great to have a home-cooked meal again! :)

Amsterdam_0019 Amsterdam_0020 Amsterdam_0021

Stalking the neighbors cat ;)


There were all these seed-pods everywhere – couldn’t resist

Amsterdam_0023 Amsterdam_0024

Our favorite food/coffee spot

Amsterdam_0025 Amsterdam_0026 Amsterdam_0027

Best coffee I had in Europe, hands-down

Amsterdam_0028 Amsterdam_0029 Amsterdam_0030

Local market

Amsterdam_0031 Amsterdam_0032 Amsterdam_0033 Amsterdam_0034 Amsterdam_0035 Amsterdam_0036 Amsterdam_0037 Amsterdam_0038


Amsterdam_0039 Amsterdam_0040 Amsterdam_0041 Amsterdam_0042 Amsterdam_0043 Amsterdam_0044 Amsterdam_0045 Amsterdam_0046 Amsterdam_0047 Amsterdam_0048 Amsterdam_0049 Amsterdam_0050 Amsterdam_0051 Amsterdam_0052 Amsterdam_0053 Amsterdam_0054 Amsterdam_0055 Amsterdam_0056 Amsterdam_0057 Amsterdam_0058 Amsterdam_0059Amsterdam_0060 Amsterdam_0061



Delicious pastries and bread

Amsterdam_0063 Amsterdam_0064 Amsterdam_0065 Amsterdam_0066 Amsterdam_0067 Amsterdam_0068 Amsterdam_0069 Amsterdam_0070 Amsterdam_0071 Amsterdam_0072 Amsterdam_0073 Amsterdam_0074

Ross loved this fountain that alternated expulsion points!

Amsterdam_0076 Amsterdam_0077 Amsterdam_0078

Don’t think we’ve had the opportunity to hold hands this much in years – it was lovely :)

Amsterdam_0079 Amsterdam_0080 Amsterdam_0081 Amsterdam_0082 Amsterdam_0083

So. Many. Bikes


This cheese shop was amazing, so many delicious options!


The coolest brand. Such awesome design and branding – sadly did not have reason to justify a purchase!

Amsterdam_0088 Amsterdam_0089 Amsterdam_0090 Amsterdam_0091 Amsterdam_0092 Amsterdam_0093 Amsterdam_0094 Amsterdam_0095 Amsterdam_0096

Breakfast on our last day – one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten – gluten-free pancakes with coconut cream, maple syrup and blueberries.

Amsterdam_0102 Amsterdam_0103 Amsterdam_0104 Amsterdam_0105 Amsterdam_0106 Amsterdam_0107 Amsterdam_0108 Amsterdam_0109 Amsterdam_0110 Amsterdam_0111 Amsterdam_0112 Amsterdam_0113 Amsterdam_0114 Amsterdam_0115


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