Aimeé & Olivier in love

Le Chatelat Guest House • 19 March 2016

Aimeé & Olivier in love


The lovely Aimeé and I went to middle school together, which feels like a lifetime ago! She’s even more lovely now than she was all those years ago, and it was so wonderful to get to meet her husband :)

As you’ll see from these pictures below, these two share the sort of love that you can’t help but take notice of. Olivier really treats Ames like a princess, and she just shines when he looks at her :)

They graciously flew me up to JHB for this shoot, and it was such a treat to take pictures in such beautiful surroundings (Le Chatelat is absolutely stunning) :)

Here are just a few favourites from their shoot :)

Aimeé & Olivier_0001 Aimeé & Olivier_0002 Aimeé & Olivier_0003 Aimeé & Olivier_0004 Aimeé & Olivier_0005 Aimeé & Olivier_0006 Aimeé & Olivier_0007 Aimeé & Olivier_0008 Aimeé & Olivier_0009 Aimeé & Olivier_0010 Aimeé & Olivier_0011 Aimeé & Olivier_0012 Aimeé & Olivier_0013 Aimeé & Olivier_0014 Aimeé & Olivier_0015 Aimeé & Olivier_0016 Aimeé & Olivier_0017 Aimeé & Olivier_0018 Aimeé & Olivier_0019 Aimeé & Olivier_0020 Aimeé & Olivier_0021 Aimeé & Olivier_0022 Aimeé & Olivier_0023 Aimeé & Olivier_0024 Aimeé & Olivier_0025 Aimeé & Olivier_0026 Aimeé & Olivier_0027 Aimeé & Olivier_0028 Aimeé & Olivier_0029 Aimeé & Olivier_0030 Aimeé & Olivier_0031 Aimeé & Olivier_0032 Aimeé & Olivier_0033 Aimeé & Olivier_0034 Aimeé & Olivier_0035


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  1. Oh my goodness. Loved these images. How glamorous and gorgeous are these two?! Seriously. This is like one of those Vogue magazine spreads on those amazing celeb couples. And the love between these two – you have managed to capture a sultry but still giggly devotion :) absolutely stunning couple shoot and different in the best way.


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