A little break

Knysna, Kariega Game Reserve, Plett • 2 October 2016

A little break


Ok, so clearly I haven’t posted anything under the ‘personal’ section on this site in a whiiiiile. Things have been a little crazy for this season, and turns out that prioritising the documentation of our own lives has taken a back seat. And, to be honest, I think this is the first time that hubs and I have gone away since the last post that I made here *covers face*. I certainly can’t complain – our days have been filled with all those gloriously mundane, ordinary things that come together to make up an extraordinarily beautiful life. It’s just that sometimes that can lead to one’s life living you, rather than you living life, if you don’t take the time to step back and reevaluate. I think it’s also been a season of realising that living a priority-focused life comes hard-won, it doesn’t just fall into place. It’s a delicate balance, and often I feel like the searching for that balance teaches me more than when I actually find it (briefly, haha!).

Getting ‘away from it all’ is a great way to hit the reset button. It was utterly blissful to spend hours together in the car, singing along to old classics, talking about everything/nothing and getting to reconnect over exciting new adventures.

We road-tripped up to Kariega Game Reserve, which I’m pretty sure is what heaven looks like. Seriously, from the minute we drove in the gate I felt this utter sense of peace come to rest on my shoulders, almost like when you cuddle up into a warm blanket. The weather for our stay was cold and mildly rainy, which suits my winter-loving heart to a T. Being out of cell signal was wondrous, and having nothing on the ‘to do’ list other than to eat great food, drink wine, hang out, connect with new people and search for wild animals was pure JOY for my little heart.

Any rate, we tried to be good and document our trip in pictures. For much of it I was too distracted to get the bulk on my DSLR, so this is a combo of iphone and big camera snaps. I’ll take that distraction as an excellent sign of being in the moment – something I’m not always good at doing ;)

The visibility on the way up the pass was slightly less than ideal.kariega-holiday_0001

Obligatory road trip selfie!


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Exploring Thesen Island

kariega-holiday_0007 kariega-holiday_0008 kariega-holiday_0009 kariega-holiday_0010 kariega-holiday_0011 kariega-holiday_0012 kariega-holiday_0013

We used Airbnb for our accommodation in Knysna and Plett – both spots were awesome.kariega-holiday_0014 kariega-holiday_0015 kariega-holiday_0016 kariega-holiday_0017

We made an exception to our usual rule of not photographing each other ;) Sexy husband!kariega-holiday_0018 kariega-holiday_0019 kariega-holiday_0020 kariega-holiday_0021 kariega-holiday_0022 kariega-holiday_0023 kariega-holiday_0024 kariega-holiday_0025 kariega-holiday_0026

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That would be my ‘I’ve not sipped this coffee yet, definitely too early for pictures’ face.kariega-holiday_0031 kariega-holiday_0032 kariega-holiday_0033

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Arriving at this beautiful slice of heaven!kariega-holiday_0039 kariega-holiday_0040 kariega-holiday_0041 kariega-holiday_0042 kariega-holiday_0043

This guy came out to greet us, what a beautykariega-holiday_0044 kariega-holiday_0045 kariega-holiday_0046

The views from the deck are just beyond. You feel as if you’re on top of the world, on the set of Jurassic Park!kariega-holiday_0047 kariega-holiday_0048 kariega-holiday_0049 kariega-holiday_0050

Naturally, husband raiding the fridge immediately upon arrivalkariega-holiday_0051

The decor at the lodge is phenomenal – all the design elements and the flow between indoors and outdoors is beautiful in its form and functionkariega-holiday_0052 kariega-holiday_0053 kariega-holiday_0054 kariega-holiday_0055 kariega-holiday_0056

I love giraffe, and there were LOADS of these guys around! Such beautiful creatureskariega-holiday_0057 kariega-holiday_0058

It was super special to see both white and black rhinos – so sad to think future generations may not have the same privilege.kariega-holiday_0059 kariega-holiday_0060 kariega-holiday_0061

This little oke is TOO CUTE!! Little dipped muzzle and allkariega-holiday_0062 kariega-holiday_0063 kariega-holiday_0064 kariega-holiday_0065 kariega-holiday_0066

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My usual wide range of colours ;)

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This is the big papa Ellie of the herd – SUCH a gorgeous, gentle creature. We watched him for a good while, utterly spellbound

kariega-holiday_0074 kariega-holiday_0075 kariega-holiday_0076 kariega-holiday_0077 kariega-holiday_0078 kariega-holiday_0079 kariega-holiday_0080 kariega-holiday_0081 kariega-holiday_0082 kariega-holiday_0083 kariega-holiday_0084 kariega-holiday_0085 kariega-holiday_0086 kariega-holiday_0087 kariega-holiday_0088 kariega-holiday_0089 kariega-holiday_0090 kariega-holiday_0091

Did some serious searching to find these two gents! Lazing in the sun, typical cats!kariega-holiday_0092 kariega-holiday_0093 kariega-holiday_0094 kariega-holiday_0095 kariega-holiday_0096 kariega-holiday_0097 kariega-holiday_0098 kariega-holiday_0099 kariega-holiday_0100 kariega-holiday_0101 kariega-holiday_0102 kariega-holiday_0103 kariega-holiday_0104 kariega-holiday_0105 kariega-holiday_0106 kariega-holiday_0107 kariega-holiday_0108 kariega-holiday_0109 kariega-holiday_0110 kariega-holiday_0111 kariega-holiday_0112 kariega-holiday_0113 kariega-holiday_0114 kariega-holiday_0115 kariega-holiday_0116 kariega-holiday_0117 kariega-holiday_0118

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Most awesome guide of all time – Vicky! Together with our German ‘safari buddies’ :)

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Our spot that we stayed at in Plett felt like it was a treehouse in the jungle -beautiful

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